There’s a lot of online info on teaching opportunities in Spain. In sum, the big three programmes are: (1) the Spanish Ministry of Education’s Auxiliar de Conversación (aka North American Language and Culture Assistants programme), (2) BEDA, and (3) UCETAM.

Key points: 

    • Intermediate level Spanish is recommended (evident in the online application process of the big three being in Spanish), though not enforced.
    • Non-EU passport holders can only teach via a programme and must go through an online application process. EU passport holders can fly into Spain, throw their CV around, and begin work.
    • For EU passport holders who wish to find work via a programme (as oppose to communicating directly with a school), they need to contact their affiliated national agency. In the UK, it’s the British Council.

Overview of programmes:

Auxiliar de Conversación (best pay for hours worked): 

BEDA (more organised than Auxiliar de Conversación): 

UCETAM (more leading style of teaching than assisting; more pay for more hours) :


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